My animation & graphic design

Abduction from Jonah Sidhom on Vimeo.

forest from Jonah Sidhom on Vimeo.

Silver Standards from Jonah Sidhom on Vimeo.

The Star Wars Effect from Jonah Sidhom on Vimeo.

Book cover concept for George Orwell's Animal Farm.
Inflate/Deflate from Jonah Sidhom on Vimeo.

Poster for Milk Duds. Project was to take a product name and create a literal poster for that name. I chose to do it in a WWII poster-style.

One of my first digital paintings, during Ty Carter's class at AnimSchool. Still have to redo the sun effect, got some cool notes in critique... I will get around to that soon.

Asperger's poster. I don't have asperger's, but I know a few people who do and feel like their autism is mostly misunderstood by others. I made this after watching the animated film Mary & Max (the character Max having Asperger's).

From The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Samus from the Metroid game series, done in the style of Milton Glaser's Bob Dylan poster.

Just a logo

 Hanna-Barbara characters, cut from the pages of a book.

 One of my first film photos. It's a grill casting a shadow on ashes.

India ink and hand-painted acrylic.

This piece came about after talking to a friend who thought old Disney movies were creepy because they had dark elements in them, which got me thinking: isn't it more creepy when everything is all happy and perfect? So I took the Walter Lantz version of Oswald the Rabbit and his bear friend and showed their inner feelings.

 Left is Winsor McCay's Gertie, and right is Ed Catmul's first 3D character, both carved into wood. They are two of my favorite artists and I found a lot of similarities between the two -- mainly both being amazing artists ahead of their time.

Concept tour poster for the band Broken Bells.

Infographic based on a grocery list.

Just an infographic project. This one was supposed to be based off of time spent on some activity, and since I went through a retro gaming phase this summer, I went with that.

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